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Taking Bird Photos

I have a fairly good collection of Bald Eagle Photos but my collection of regular birds is a bit limited. In fact, what few I do have, I don't believe I have uploaded to Fotki. Today I took a step forward on this. I installed a bird feeder straight out from my bedroom window just about 10" from the window. (I should have done this long ago because at the present time there isn't a bird in sight and it will take a while for them to find it) So the birds don't see me when taking photos, I placed velcro on the wood just below the window so that when I raise the window to take photos, I can velcro a piece of material to the bottom of the window that I cut a hole in just large enough for my lens to fit through. Using my 70-300 lens I should be able to get about any distance of a shot that I desire. Once the birds show up, I will provide an update on how this worked out for me. This is a test but seems like it should work to me.

My New Camera

I just purchased the new Canon 5D Mark II and am excited about all the features and am looking forward to learning them so I can soon post much better quality photos. The crop factor is unbelievable and the video quality is just totally awesome.

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